18 Ekim 2013 Cuma

The Woods (Belgrade)

Belgrade Forest is a mixed deciduous forest lying 15 kilometers north-west of Istanbul, Turkey. Geographically, the forest is located at the easternmost point of the çatalca Peninsula. Forest terrain is divided between Sarıyer and Eyüp districts. There are seven historical aqueducts which built in the different location. Those are kömürcü, büyük, ayvat, valide, kirazlı and sultan mahmut bendi.

Belgrade forest was the most important fresh water source for Istanbul, not only for ottoman period, but also byzantine empire period. Belgrade forest started to became important begining of the 16. Century. When 10. Ottoman sultan suleyman the magnificent had returned from belgrade compaign in 1521, he had brought a large number of serb prisoners and prisoners placed in the ayvat village which sited in the belgrade forest to diffuse turkish culture in this area. When belgrade based prisoners placed in the village came to be known as belgrade. In the sultan suleıman period, the task of repairing and building aqueducts, weirs and pools had given the architect sinan. atteiner aqueducts weirs and pools are a part of this period.
After the proclamation of republic in turkey, belgrade forest were protected. To take advantage from belgrade forest picnic areas are built around dams and the forest began to serve as reactional area in istanbul. Belgrade forest, still, a recreation area, clean water supply and continues to serve a coppice. 

When we entered the forest we asked the palce of the valide dam to the security and he directed us to the left(red) road. After we had been walking during 1.30 hours, we realized that there is not Valide dam. We went to Neşet Suyu because of security. Then we had hitchiked the entrance and walked again. Finally we found Valide Dam.

I think we were lucky, since the day we went is rainy. The sky covered with trees, like a giant dome. We can hear the sound of rain, perceive the smell of soil but we couldn't get wet, because of trees. 

In belgrade forest there are seven Dam and they are very close to each other. One of them is Valide Sultan(Queen Mother) dam. Valide Sultan dam was completed in 1796 which is located on the Acı Elma Creek. So it was built for mother of III.Selim mihrişah Sultan, it was named Valide dam. There is a picnic area and children play ground in the Valide dam. According to us children layground looks ugly, not related with the nature because of its material. It could be maden of wood or plastic which looks like wood.

Valide dam has slope and because of rain it was very sliding. Also one part of dam there are no parapet. The environs of the dam is surrunded by wire. Maybe the reason of the wire is the safety of people or protecting water against getting dirty is could be a main reason.

4 Ekim 2013 Cuma


sketches,plans and sections for surface to walk on, vertical divider and solid... white hollow plastic tubes used in the models representing bamboo...


Developed Surface Model
2mm tubes were added to prevent collapse and bending when taking steps and bamboo strips used in one direction not like in the first model one is from top to bottom, other one is bottom to top. All bamboo strips pass through bottom to top.



Developed Vertical Divider
The connection detail of tubes changed. They connect to 5-5mm square profile, then this square profile moves in the 8-8mm square profile easily.


Developed Vertical Divider
Bottom square profile is greater than the top profile, since support system.


Developed 3d Object